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Almost made it


Go check out the poll in the Anouncements section of the forum, I've got 5 different shirt designs up for evaluation. So, if you have any opinion at all, go check 'em out and cast your vote for the face of future comedity swag. I've temporairily allowed guests to post, so you don't even need to sign up, but the software won't let me let guests vote. That confuses me. But o have a looksie anyways. Go, go now!

If any of you tried to access the site around 5:30 tuesday and your web browser tried to get you to download the page (index.php), you may have to empty your cache to get the site to cease this issue. The server was going through a bit of routine clean up, and for a short period of time, php wasn't work, which confused the hell out of your browser. All is ok now. That is all.

Ok, ok, so... the comic is slightly delayed. Big surprise, yeah, yeah. But this is how it goes sometimes. I am gaining ground and slowly but surely overtaking my deadlines and projects, and climbing back on top of that mountain. I'll be king of the mountain yet! So, enjoy the sketch in the meantime. It should be replaced by a genuine comic tomorrow.

The project I just finished, for those who are curious, was some color retouching for a 4 issue mini series called Rusty Gulch that'll be published through Angel Gate Press sometime this spring. More news on that as I get it.

In other news, very soon I'm going to be having some new designs worked out for the next latest and greatest comedity t-shirt. There after there'll be a poll set up in the forum to get some feedback as to which people like best. Get that whole user feedback thing going. Hopefully I'll have those designs done sometime this week, so keep an eye out. And if there's something in particular that you absolutely have to add to your wardrobe, please shoot me an email, and I'll look into it.

I said last week that I moved. This is indeed true. Sorta. I've moved from upstairs, and am now living in the basement of my parent's house. To be closer to my work. It seemed to make sense at the time. I practically live down here anyway, so I might as well actually do it. Besides, it's somewhat closer to having my own place than sleeping in my old room was. I also did a major re-arrangement of my workspace. It's much taller, and more open now. Though still just as messy. But I like a little organized mess. Makes a place looked lived in, ya know? Anyway, behold my fortress of solitude!

Cool, huh?

The new wallpaper is available, and is damn hot, if I do say so myself. New sketches behind the vote icons, as well. That's it for now.

Welcome to the Comedity. Don't step on the Penguin.
Garth(Tuesday - January 15rd, 2006) -02:04:37

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