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The Voices in My Head ... mostly


Most of the goings on in this strange little comic revolve around this strange little man. No one is quite sure if he's legitimately crazy and should be on medication, or if he's just oddly eccentric. The one thing that everyone is sure of is that he really enjoys puns.


Roommate and friend to Garth, Larom is an all around good guy. Being an architecture student lends him to a peculiar oddness, and his obsession with the color blue and jumping off of tall things doesn't help. He continually tricks Garth into playing long games of Go.


The only girl known yet to put up with Garth's puns long enough to date him. Despite being perpetually freezing cold, and having the balance of a cat (a blind, deaf one ... with three legs ... wearing silk slippers ... on ice ... with seizures) she manages to maintain a child-like spunkiness.


Between the dancing and the Tai-Jitsu, the girl has no excess body mass. She could beat your brains out and dance on your face, but she likes people too well to do that. Besides, you're almost guaranteed to make her laugh.


Aside from being one of Karen's roommates and best friends, Kate is gamer, roleplayer, geologist, anime freak, and general geek. That doesn't mean that she doesn't have time to enjoy the OC or Lost with Karen.


Becca-chan is our resident asian computer geek. Living with Kate and Karen, she brings an exceptional level geekdom to the apartment. But even this geek isn't above going out clubbing with the girls.


Ed is one of my design professors. He's taught me all sorts of things and while he acknowledges that I have some drawing ability, he's always concerned that my designs are going to cause mass destruction and general chaos.


James says everything with a straight face, or at least underplayed emotion. Which is what makes his Concentrated Witty Humor so very amusing. Having sold something, possibly someone else's soul, to the Blacksburg Rescue Squad, James is frequently hard to get a hold of, keepinis created on. Unfortunately she suffers from cronic instability.


Alice is Garth's primary computer. His Window's running, Pentium 4, 3.0GHz, 1GB RAM, 256MB Radeon 9800xt graphic powerhouse. Alice is most notable for being the machine each comic is created on. Unfortunately she suffers from cronic instability.

The Voices in My Head ... mostly


Prime is, by nature, Garth's primary personality. He governs all the other personalities, listens to what the have to say, tell them what to do, and sometimes rejoices in having them listen. In theory he has final say as to what Garth actually does, but sometimes even he can't control the other personalities.

The Gentleman

This guy is about as close as anyone gets to actually being a victorian gentleman anymore. Between the pipe, the greased back hair, and unswervingly good manners, he lends Garth some class when in desperately needs it. Which isn't often enough to stop the puns, much to Karen's distress.

The Reader

Books. Lots of Books. This guy simply loves books. Though even he doesn't like Faulkner.

Super-Secret Ninja

The pure embodiment of sneakiness, stealth, and all around "you didn't see me coming!" He doesn't actually do anything except scare people who weren't expecting him. Stefanie's trying to take ninja lessons and secretly wants to be a Super-Secret Ninja herself. ... Ninja!

Good Shoulder

Garth's "good" conscience, though he and Evil Shoulder often go out for drinks.

Evil Shoulder

Garth's "evil" side. How evil you might ask? Evil Shoulder would tell you that he was evil concentrate. Most others think he just resents being so small.

The Penguin

No one's really sure where the hell the Penguin came from. He was just there one day. And he's too cute and likeable to get rid of. He's even managed to endear himself to real people ... like Larom, who's taken to calling him "Pengi"

The Muse

The Muse is one of those fickle women who is only ever around when she wants to be. Despite her infinite usefulness in telling Garth what to draw, write, and providing general inspiration and advice in just about every creative venue, she has the horrible habit of disappearing without notice and it can be months before she can be found again.


Wit is the charming soul who claims responsibility for wry, cynical, smart-ass, and otherwise witty humor. He's generally found to be pretty amusing, just as long as you're not the one he's making comments on.

Inner Cool Guy

There is some debate as to whether or not the Inner Cool Guy is actually cool, or if he's just the manifestation of Garth's desire to be cool. Either way, he doesn't get let out much, Much to Karen's disappointment. She's determined to find a way to let him out on a permanent basis

Red Right Hand

Personality 47, aka "The Red Right Hand," is the source of what aggression Garth possesses. 47 isn't evil, he's just violent. And while that aggression can be quite terrifying, outside of berating himself for failing his own expectations (and the occasional first-person shooter), 47 is kept tightly locked away.

Random Trivia

Garth's Memory is perfect, capable of storing even the most minute detail for decades. Unfortunately his recall sucks. However, one personae manages to reliably retrieve data, unfortunately it's trivia and often random facts that only Random Trivia could care about.