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It Beats Rock-Paper-Scissors

As far as I can tell, Pirate-Ninja-Cowboy was invented by some highschool friends of mine for those instances where someone's claim to riding shotgun was contested. Rock-Paper-Scissors just wasn't enought for them, nor should it be. It's like dueling met a theater group. Three paces, turn and, pick a character! I was entertained enough to adopt it from them.

As you can clearly see there is now banner space on your left. TaDa! However, as my email is not working (nor has it ever been it seems, so sorry to those of you who have tried to get in contact with me) so it's just going to sit there until things get fixed/set up properly. Again, sorry for the inconveninece. Hopefully I should have the very last of the site construction worked out within the next week. I had hoped to bring the ad space in with a banner for my other site: gcgstudios.com, which contains all my other art and design work. Unfortunately it's a far larger indevor and is still in little pieces that sometimes link together. Hence why there are no links to it yet.

I don't know how many of you have been watching the debates, but I keep finding myself thinking, "It'd be awesome if they'd just make it a boxing match and get it done with." And then I think to myself, "It's so sad that we've fallen that far." Politics shouldn't be a cut-throat enterprise. And now I'm off to work on other projects.

Welcome to the Comedity. Don't step on the Penguin.
Garth (Saturday - October 9, 2004) -19:48:20

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