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Big Changes

And for this week on As Garth's Life Turns we find that lo and behold, many changes are a foot. I'm moving. Maybe it'll be this weekend, maybe the weekend after, maybe it'll gradually happen over the course of the next month or so (and knowing how things go this last option is probably most likely). But I am moving. I'm packing up Alice, all the Comedity Merch, Edward, and myself and I'm shuffling off to another neighborhood. Well what does this mean, you may ask. Well, in the greater scheme of things? Probably not a lot. But it's nice to shake things up every now and again, see what falls out. So wish me the best of luck. The next several months I suspect will be the make or break point for this whole comic gig. I've tried for two solid years now to make a living off of doing webcomics. I think this shift will be the deciding factor. If I can manage this while doing comics, I should be golden. So, thank you all for your support. It takes an audience to live on a dream it seems, and you guys are the best.

On that sappy note, I need to draw your attention once again to the fact that Comedity Volume One is still in preorder and it will be until Thanksgiving. If there aren't enough orders by then (and there need to be a lot of them sadly. Printing full color isn't cheep) then there just isn't going to be a book. I've been a tad quiet on what all is in the book, other than it being 144 pages of full color goodness. Asside from the entire archive up to the end of the Zombie Arc, the book will contain updated biographies of all the characters, many of them writen by the people the characters are based on. Random Trivia will have a couple of pages to explain every random and obscure reference ever made in Comedity, as well as share a few little known facts, such as what kind of power source Alice has, Who Noel is and why he was in a monkey suit, whether Alice will ever run Vista, and Garth's special awesome technique for baking ubercookies (the one food product guaranteeded to not upset Lord Mae'Taug). And if the extras aren't enough to entice you, remember that it's a steal at $17.50 in the pre-order stage. So, go, go get a book already!

On a completely un-related not, I have been informed that October is (among other things) Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Now, in general, I dislike awareness months, or weeks, or something. Why a cause or an issue should be confined to a single slot of time for it's awareness I don't know. I suppose the thought is that people are supposed to be more actively aware durring that time period, but really, it seems kinda silly to me. However, cancer is serious. Be it brain or breast cancer. And we here at Comedity care about boobs. If you haven't noticed, many of the characters here have boobs, frequently in copious quantities. Granted, Alice can't get cancer, but that doesn't stop us caring. After all, Karen's, Kate's, Becca's, Stefanie's, Kierra's, and the Muse's boobs are all quite real. So if you care about boobs as much as we do, perhaps you should check out the breast cancer site. It's just a thought. Save the boobies. Not just the blue footed ones.

Welcome to the Comedity. Don't step on the Penguin.
Garth(Monday October 22nd, 2007) -01:36:14

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