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Getting things Accomplished

Alright, so the comic's going to be a bit late this week. My appologies up front about that. However, this does not by any chance mean I'm slacking off. It just means I had some things to focus on elsewhere.

For instance, how about an update on those Comedity Volume One's, eh? Well, the long and short of it is that our printer in Canada has fallen through. Another printer has been located, however it looks like we're going to have to reformat the book in order actually get this printed. So instead of it being a lovely 10.25"x6.625" (standar comic size, but landscape instead of portrait) it's now going to be a sweet 8.15"x11". On the bright side, this printer is apparently very quick when it comes to turn around. So things should move much faster once the book gets re-formated. Hooray mixed blessings.

In other progress-type news I can now safely say that GCG Studios is now live. We're moving the rather clunky Comedity storefront to the nice shiney new GCG Studio store which has been updated with quite a few new items previously only available at conventions. I've finally got an art gallery, and remember how I mentioned I was starting to take more commission work a while back? Well, I've now got a nice an simple submission form for it. I'm going to be adding in some of the fanart I've received over the years just as soon as I find it all again...

Now that's all the work-related news I have at the moment. However I do have one other bit of commentary. I've recently played through most of Mass Effect, and it's pretty fun. However, I have to say I am annoyed with it. Despite focusing my attentions on Ashley some how my character ended up romancing that blue-alien chick Liara. Though I suppose it is quite accurate with regards to real life in that way. The girls I'm into don't know I'm there and I'm oblivious to the girls who do hit on me. I haven't finished the game because of this bizaar turn of events. But I thought I'd share in the theory that you all might find it amusing. I'll be back soon with more comic stuff.

Welcome to the Comedity. Don't step on the Penguin.
Garth(Monday April 13th, 2008) -02:28:13

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