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Holy Caped Crusaiders Batman!

This next story arc will be fun ... I guarantee. As you might guess, it'll be a little out there, but the funny will be brought in spades, or possibly clubs. Some Costume concepts are lurking behind the voting buttons and will be turned into wallpapers very soon.

I saw Mr. and Mrs. Smith last night with Karen, Becca, and several other friends. Strangely enough of the six of us that went, I was the only male ... boy the folks back in highschool would have never believed that. Anyway, it turned out to be a fantastic movie, one I'd highly recomend to anyone who was looking for a little fun. This movie happens to fall into my favorite film genre: the Romantic Action Comedy. I am convinced that this is the perfect "date movie" genre. The romance isn't so heavy as to choke a guy, and the action isn't so graphic/overblown as to disgust the girl, and the comedy leaves you both feeling really good once you leave the theater. Perfect date flick. In this instance, the romance was cute, the witty banter was to die for, and I haven't seen action sequences that good since Equillibrium. This movie did it right. The only complaint I could even think of conjuring up (other than the typical hollywood shinanigans like crawling through ductwork or some such) is that there were moments where Jane Smith was portrayed as ... too superior to John Smith. Most of the film had them quite on par with eachother as far as skill went, which was perfect; it kept things nicely ballanced and let them banter back and forth. Neither had the clear cut upper hand. But there were a few moments in the film where it seemed like they were trying too hard to make Jane Smith the "supreme-badass girl," which felt forced if comedic. Like I said, petty, petty critique.

I found the different styles employed by Jane and John to get the job done to be very interesting. Jane used an excessively surgical method, often involving complex plans with exceptionally tight tollerances. Where as John was straight forward, to the point, and highly flexible. Neither a bad philosophy per say, but interesting that they showed that difference. I did have to laugh at the almost Charlie's Angels set up of Jane's company. Seriously, one man that no one ever see's comanding a flock of gorgeous female assassins? It made me laugh. But it was good, an instant new Garth favorite.

Welcome to the Comedity. Don't step on the Penguin.
Garth (Monday - June 12, 2005) -22:43:52

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