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ConnectiCon Con Report

First off, I should appologize for this con-report comic coming as late as it has. Secondly, I should tell you all how much ass you all kick. As of writing this rant, Save ConnectiCon has raised over $25,000 in donations. Holy crap! You guys, you know who you are, are flat out awesome. It's things like this that make me really glad I do this whole webcomic thing.

Right, so having read the con-report comic I expect you're somewhat confused by at least parts of it. At the UberWebcomic Pannel, where they had at least 30 of us webcomic peoples on stage and maybe ... 60 people in the audience, Tim lost his ballance and fell off the stage. It was highly amusing at the time. And although no one actually showed up to the meet and greet with Comedity and Surliness (a bunch of cool guys), we managed to entertain ourselves quite throughly. I don't know how many people are familiar with the comedian Pablo Francisco, but he does a fantastic sketch about That Guy Who Does the Voice for Movie Trailers. Very funny stuff.

We really did throw the fuzzy green ball of signage around like that. We'd peg someone with the smaller one that said "sign the big one" and while they were figuring that one out, we'd throw the bigger one at them. Once they signed it they threw it on to someone else, and so it got around quite throughly I think. I don't think Mookie was the one that wrote "your mom signs the big one" on the little ball, but it's possibly one of the best "your mom" retorts I think I've ever heard. And Mookie can't catch.

The Applegeeks meet and greet pannel was exceptionally entertaining. And it was fun to watch Hawk try to come to grips with drawing on a tablet PC.

Yes, among other things, Pantsman did try to buy the MacHall book using change.

We met a lot of really awesome people at the convention, not only the people we've mentioned already, but also met such fine folks as Woody and Kyndra from GU Comics, Dave and Beth from Paradox Lost, Trish and Damien of Mine's Bigger! renouned (who won the webcomic challenge this year). We also hung out with Chad, the artist behind Least I Could Do, who was cool enough to draw us this. And if that weren't enough, we also met Scott from VG Cats, Dave of Chugworth Academy, Brian the man behind the pixilated hilarity of 8-Bit Theater, Liz who does Stuff Sucks, Chris from Oscuro Destiny, the other Brian who forged Instant Classic, the young lass who's name I completely failed to catch who is responsible for Fallen, Ryan from Ded End, and the guys behind Daze in A Haze. Whew. It's amazing how many people you meet at these things.

As for the last pannel of the con report, the vast majority of us webcomics got together on saturday night for a game of Apples to Apples. I don't think I've ever had so much fun with a card game. After something like 6 hours of hilarity, it finally came down to a tie between me, Mookie, and Brian (8-bit Brian). As a tie breaker, we were dealt a new hand of seven cards, and had to use all of them to form a sentence that described the given adjective. The crowd would judge who won. Well, the adjective was "Sensitive." And in all honesty, I'm not entirely convinced my sentence truly was the most sensitive, but I think I scored points on delivery. Woody commented that I was dealt "a hand of crap." But it was all kinds of fun, and I'm really looking forward to giving Mookie the opportunity for a re-match. In case you really have to know, the winning sentence was: My eyes and mind are so sensitive that you couldn't pay me enough money to watch Mike Tyson make out with Barney in a pit of snakes with my family; I'd rather set my hair on fire at the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Oh! I'm also suddenly reminded that a number of people at the convention commented on that Teen Titans piece I did a few months ago. Well, until I can get something resembling an organized gallery up and running, you can find it here.

Welcome to the Comedity. Don't step on the Penguin.
Garth (Sunday - July 24, 2005) -23:25:42

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