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Woo I suddenly realized how many awesome or at least potentially awesome (as we can never be sure with Hollywood) movies are coming out. And I don't mean this summer. Everyone knows which ones will be awesome and which should be avoided... well if you have any common sense. I'm talking about next year's movies and the year afters and the like. Now, I could wax eloquent about how awesome it'll be to see Stardust, or Ender's Game, or the glory that will be Astro City. I could even tell you all how delighted I will be with the shininess of the Peter Jackson directed Halo movie. I can't imagine even Jackson beging able to give it any real depth. But I don't want depth. I want to watch the Master Chief and Cortona have witty banter while the Chief blows thousands of Covenant troops appart. If I get that, and a live action Mjolinir armor that doesn't look rediculously goofy and have the helmet pealed away so we can see the chizzled jaw of John the Master Chief, I'll be pleased as punch.

Rather, I would like to talk about a movie schedualed for next April that I'm going to see because it is near and dear to my heart, but I dread its coming nonetheless. They're making Alice. "Fantastic!" you think. I thought so too, as I have much love for Lewis Carroll's stories, and even more love for American McGee's Alice. And this movie seems to be a direct addaptation of the game. Sweet, you might think! Or at least you would if you saw the Trailer for the Game. If the movie trailer is a live action duplicate of that, I will be no end of happy. See, it's a glorious game, and even better concept: Alice's folks die in a fire and she goes a little nuts, blaming herself for this. After several years of a near catatonic state, she wakes up, and ventures once more into wonderland. But one dark and distorted by her own psychosis. Where in she battles the Red Queen and her forces, which are the metaphorical representation of the portion of her psyche that has become hardened and bitter by her loss. And so the whole game/story is a wonderful metaphor for Alice over-coming her own issues and mental trauma.

So I look forward to this film with great abandon. But, my enthusiasm must be tempered by the fact that Sarah Michelle Geller has been cast as Alice. While not my ideal choice, as I fear that this could be the start of a slippery slope that leads to Alice: Card Slayer, I have seen art of Geller as Alice before. And so I can see it working in my mind. My real point of worry is that they've got the guy who directed Texas Chainsaw Massacre directing Alice. And thus I fear that the movie will be little more than Geller running around with a vorpal blade slicing decks of cards into bright splashy gore.

If this happens to my beloved Alice, I will be most upset. And by most upset, I mean that 47 will be sent to Hollywood.

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Garth (Monday - June 12th, 2006) -00:18:23

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