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Garth Time

Garth Time is not like normal people's time. Garth time usually involves sleeping while most people are at work, waking up when most people are getting home, and working while most people are sleeping. It also frequently involves being at least an hour late for anything. I don't necessarily recommend Garth Time to anyone. This is in part why it's a black and white Monday. I am super busy trying to get everything done before my deadlines go whooshing by too loudly.

I'm going to repeate a fair bit of last week's news as I feel it's important so here goes:

Super Art Fight! THIS weekend. The 20th. Be there. I will.

The new shirt design is now officially available for pre-order:

Several of our shirt designs are being discontinued and what remains in stock is super cheep. Practically what it costs to have them printed to begin with. You can also help us re-stock the other designs. Usually you can't order a shirt in a size that's not in stock. But since we're trying to restock, for the now you can order that shirt you wanted before we ran out in your size.

Also, I'm theoretically going to be at two more conventions this year. Anime USA October 10th-12th and Nekocon November 7th-9th. Now, I say theoretically because it is just that theory until I hear back definitively from said conventions. I hope to be at both and see you all there!

I miss-spoke last week when I said Finder's Keepers was continuing October 30th. This was untrue. Finder's Keepers will go live Friday, October 31st. Yes. Holloween. Perfect timing.

Welcome to the Comedity. Don't step on the Penguin.
Garth(Monday September 15th, 2008) -04:17:13

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