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Yup, he's Serious.

So, I'm not going to say a whole lot about my reasons just yet, as the next couple of strips should elaborate and clarify the why. However, I am going to say right now (to hopefully stem some of the emails) that I am NOT done doing comics. For those of you who haven't been paying attention to my little rants, I am starting up a new comic at the end of the month. I've been looking forward to doing this for a while, and it's going to be an awesome story. It'll also update twice a week, tuesdays and fridays. So those of you who have been pestering me to update more will get your wish. I expect that many of you will be at least mildly upset at Comedity's retirement, but I hope most of you will come along with me to my new project and enjoy it even more than you have my work so far.

In other news, I've updated GCG Studios and so there's now new art in the galleries, and some new prints available. Enjoy!

Also, my "a" key seems to be rapidly dying.

Welcome to the Comedity. Don't step on the Penguin.
Garth(Tuesday October 14th, 2008) -12:17:50

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