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Nothing's Perfect

Sorry it's late folks. What with Alice being downed temporarily, I've been working on my dad's computer and it's ... just different. So things didn't go as smoothly as normal. Also this one took a lot out of me. *sigh* No one's perfect, eh? Anyhow, there're new shinies behind the vote icons. This also (if you haven't figured it out by now) is the end of the superhero arc. It needs one more to wrap it up, but it's done. It took far longer than I expected it to run it's course than expected, but it was a fun trip along the way. So we'll soon be back to the crazy antics of our favorite characters when they're not busy trying to rule the world.

Welcome to the Comedity. Don't step on the Penguin.
Garth (Tuesday - January 17th, 2006) -20:26:56

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