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And Now for something completely different

Not that you can really tell, I think, but I've done something new with this episode. Instead of drawing each pannel separately and piecing the pencil drawings together in photoshop to create my layout, I've drawn the whole thing on a single sheet of 11x17. I don't know if it's made any difference, other than the backgrounds being slightly more concrete, and even that I'm not sure I can attribute to drawing the pannels, rather than what's in the pannels. But it's an interesting change, and I think I like the way it feels to work with it. Not that it should affect you, the reader's, experience, but it affects mine. So, that's enough babbling about how I'm changing drawing techniques.

I'm particularly happy with the second pannel. Not that the other's aren't cool for other reasons, but Karen looks more like Karen in the 2nd pannel than she has for a while. I can hear her saying "of course not, I've had the body of a super villian for the last dozen strips!" And be that as it may, Karen seems more Karen like in that pannel to me. Dunno why.

For those who don't know Virginia Tech very well, those glass pyramids on the plaza are the four skylights into Burchard Hall; the submerged building where they keep some of the upper year architects and all the upper year industrial design students. Many of my design buddies and I have taken to calling it the batcave, for obvious reasons.

New shinies are located behind the vote icons, as always.

UPDATE: You might notice that there are now TWO new wallpapers available. When you donate to the Penguin cause you get BOTH of them. Awesome, eh?

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Garth (Monday - January 23rd, 2006) -02:53:56

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